An Appalachian Afternoon

Last Thursday I went down to Kent, CT to Backcountry Outfitters, a small, locally owned shop that sells, among other things (including kosher ice cream!), hiking gear. Unfortunately the selection was as large as I had hoped, but it is the end of the season so I should not have been surprised.

I did manage to grab a pair of nice wool socks and base layer socks. Winter is just around the corner and I have been eagerly awaiting some snow hiking. Which reminds me, I should start looking around for a good pair of winter hiking boots. Not likely to get a deal this time of year, but still need them anyway. I hope it snows before I leave for Portland in December!

On the way home to Falls Village, I picked up a hitching thru-hiker. Yes, even in late October! This guy’s name is RockOcean (check out his trail blog at and he’s a flip-flop thru-hiker. This means he hiked from Springer Mt. to Harper’s Ferry and then flew to Maine. Starting at Katahdin, he’ll hike back down to Harper’s Ferry.

Not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before, but as I prepare for my own thru-hike, I should consider an idea that RockOcean gave me: tyvek tent footprint. He even duct-taped the corners and installed metal grommets. I love gear hacks and I am surprised to hear it for the first time only the other day! Thanks for sharing, RockOcean.

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