Kickstarter Video and Launch Protocols

One of the things that highlights a great Kickstarter campaign, according to all sources, is a video introduction to the project. So today my friend Ari and I are going into the woods to shoot some footage and perhaps even get me to say something on camera.

It is suggested that the video should consist of: who I am and other things I have worked on; what I am planning to do for the project; where the project came from, how I got the idea; what my plan and schedule for completion are; a rundown of my budget; and why I am passionate about this project.

This morning I need to put the finishing touches on the transcript for the video. Once I finish the transcript, I will use it to flesh out the Story section on my Kickstarter page.

A word on the official launch: I am aiming to launch the campaign sometime toward the end of this week or beginning of next week. Once I have an official launch time, I will get the word out. Please email, text, or call me to let me know if you can commit to a pledge for the opening day. I’d love to have a cascade of supporters to spur on a strong momentum right out of the gate! Remember, together we need to raise $18,000 in just over 30 days. Your help is the only way this will work.

On a completely unrelated note, today we have been Carl Sagan’s birthday, so check out this great article on for tips on how to find the Andromeda Galaxy in tonight’s super dark sky to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Carl! We miss you.

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