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Click here to back my project on Kickstarter today!

Starting this January, I will be trekking for ten-months along the US portion of the Eastern Continental Trail. This 4200 mile footpath, which begins in Key West, Florida and ends Fort Fairfield, Maine, includes: the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail; the Florida National Scenic Trail; portions of the Alabama, Pinhoti, and Benton MacKaye Trails; and the entire Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

I’ll be keeping a journal along the way and after I’m finished with my thru-hike, I am writing a book about the journey. This isn’t a book just about how to hike the trail and where I went each day. It’s about overcoming obstacles, self-discovery, and the call of nature to return to our root.

Please help me complete this amazing sojourn and book by backing my Kickstarter project today! It’s an all or nothing campaign, so please consider pledging at one of the higher levels!

Click here to back my project on Kickstarter today!

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