Adventures in the Pacific Northwest and Getting Ready!

According to the Gregorian calendar, it’s a new year! Hooray! I’m a much bigger fan of solar/lunar calendars for marking time, but hey, the Christian one isn’t so bad. (^_^)

For the last month I have been hanging out in the Pacific Northwest, mostly on the Oregon Coast. Sure, visiting some family and friends was the impetus for spending December here. But I couldn’t resist getting in some hiking and exploring.

Naturally I spent some time down on the beach in Seaside. It was very stormy, which made the ocean roar with 30+foot waves, but it was a beautiful kind of stormy. When it finally cleared up, I explored some nearby parks. Here are a few photos.

I’ll be heading back to the East Coast (Boston) in just a few days. I will really miss being out here on the West Coast. There is something very special about this area and I cannot wait further explore it soon.

My trek starts in just a couple weeks, too. If you’d like to help me fund this trek & book project, please consider a $36 or higher contribution to my campaign. Every $36 or higher contribution gets a free copy of my book when it’s published!

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