The Florida Keys

After many delays in actually getting to the keys, I’m finally here. Who knew that my birthday weekend would include not only a nor’easter in New England, but a hurricane off the Florida coast!

I arrived in Miami much later than expected due to a delayed flight, forcing me to take a later bus down to the keys. This meant setting up the tent in the dark, not to mention arriving at the campground after 10pm and missing my friend’s participation in a half marathon. I’m looking forward to some much needed sleep.

Tomorrow I will be taking some time to explore Key West and begin my hike. Only five miles planned for my first day. I want to take it nice and slow for a couple days in order to get acclimated to the weather and to hiking again.

Help me find this pilgrimage! Any amount helps. $36+ gets you a copy of my book when I’m finished!

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