The Twittering Space Station

Now that NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to Earth, the Twittersphere may seem to be lacking in photos of our beautiful planet.

We all fell in love with the cosmos once again as Kelly updated us with news of important research on the station and awed us with scenes of our world from orbit.

Not to worry, though! Here are three Twitter feeds to follow to help you get your regular dose of ISS love.

UK Astronaut Tim Peake is currently aboard the ISS. He posts often and always has something worth retweeting. Check out Tim Peake: @astro_timpeake

US Astronaut Tom Kopra is also currently aboard the ISS. His posts are also worth sharing. He’s engaging with his followers and also posts some great pics. Check out Tim Kopra: @astro_tim

US Astronaut Jeff Williams is set to head back to the ISS shortly. If all goes according to plan, he will beat Scott Kelly’s record for number of days in space! Check out Jeff Williams: @Astro_Jeff

So, I know I said three… but here’s a bonus… because you should also be following the International Space Station directly! Check out Intl. Space Station: @Space_Station


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