New Moon: Kislev

Kislev is the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar. Every New Moon is an opportunity for us to work on various aspects of own spiritual selves. Kislev comes from the Hebrew word kesel, which means “trust” or “security” and one of the senses attributed to this month by the Book of Yetzirah, is that of sleep.

Sleep depends on trust and security. It depends on outer and inner tranquility. When our everyday lives are hectic, it can affect our sleep. The same goes for when our inner lives are not settled and secure.

The Kabbalist Sages say that good sleep alludes to inner peace and security. So how can we apply that to our lives now?

Spiritual Exercise for Kislev

Using the cycle of the moon, take some time this month to improve your spiritual center and overcome the roadblocks that are in the way of your inner peace. For each of the follow steps, find a quiet place to sit and relax and perhaps light a candle to focus your meditation.

  1. On the night of the New Moon of Kislev (usually the first day), take a moment to set a positive intention to be open to the process of achieving inner peace. Perhaps making a statement like: I set my intention to be open to exploring and improving my inner self.
  2. When the Crescent Moon is visible, usually the third or fourth day, use your time to begin identifying fears that may be standing in the way of your inner confidence. What stories do you keep telling yourself that are standing in the way? Call them out. Name them. Write them in a journal.
  3. During the First Quarter Moon, usually the seventh day, write down at least three ideas for overcoming those fears, limiting beliefs, or stories you tell yourself that worry you.
  4. On the night of the Full Moon, usually the 14th or 15th day, recommit to your intention and choose just one of the three ideas you wrote down for overcoming one of your roadblocks. Write down one step you can take over the next week toward achieving that goal.
  5. When the time of the Third Quarter Moon occurs, usually around day 21 or 22, add one more step you can take to continue working on your intention.
  6. Finally, when the Last Crescent Moon is visible, usually a few days before the next New Moon, take stock of your progress. For Kislev, this will occur on the sixth night of Hanukah. Light your candles and write about your process in a journal. Express gratitude and take some time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your work.



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