About Trek

575461_540812186014272_1345378316_n copyRabbi Yaakov ‘Trek’ Reef walks in the world as a spiritual teacher and is a regionally recognized speaker, serving as a frequent guest in the pulpit at synagogues, churches, and meeting houses throughout the Northeast.

He has also led workshops and classes for the Adamah Farm FellowshipStar Island Natural History ConferenceElat Chayyim Center for Jewish SpiritualityKeshet Boston, and Hillel House at Boston University, and Seaside Yoga Retreat Center in Oregon.

For three years Trek served as a retreat director and the program manager at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Connecticut.

In 2016, he completed a pilgrimage along the storied Appalachian Trail, taking approximately five million steps over 2189.1 miles between Georgia and Maine to find a deeper connection to the awe-inspiring natural world.

What’s a Trail Name?

Trail names are fun and popular way to have a nickname while thru-hiking on long-distance trails like the AT, PCT, CDT, and ECT. Yaakov’s trail name, Trek, comes from his typical use of the word ‘trek’ to refer to long-distance hikes and his geeky love of Star Trek.

For a great article on the Psychology of a Trail Name, check out Jukebox’s (Evans Prater) post at Appalachian Trials.


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