Hiking for Spiritual Wellness

if_75_522712Inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku (literally, “forest bathing”), Hiking for Spiritual Wellness is a series of FREE local hikes over this summer to improve our spiritual and physical well-being by developing a deeper connection to the forests around us.

Each hike will teach new practices, but you won’t feel lost if you come to just one hike or if you skip a few!

Our nature walks will take place at local forests in Bedford, Billerica, and Carlisle, Mass. Locations and directions will be provided to registered participants. Space is limited, so sign up today!


Day & Time: Sundays @ 1:00 PM (plan for about 60-90 minutes)

Dates: July 1st, 15th, & 29th and August 12th & 22nd

Cost: FREE! 

Click here to Register!


Q. Where are we hiking?
A. Each location has been chosen to highlight different practices. Directions and parking information will be sent to participants who register, as space is limited.

Q. How easy are the hikes?
A. All hikes are relatively easy nature walks. Since the emphasis is to build a spiritual practice by immersing in a forest setting, we will not be hiking very fast or very far.

Q. Are the hikes wheelchair accessible?
A. Unfortunately, most of the hikes, while relatively flat, would cause wheelchair users to feel rather uncomfortable due to the presence of roots and rocks. However, one of the hikes is wheelchair accessible (July 29th) and we welcome and affirm all participants!

Q. May I bring my kids?
A. Yes…  The hikes are not only kid-friendly, we have activities designed just for them! While we’d love to welcome all kids, only youth who are able to remain aware of their surroundings in an immersive nature setting and are interested in trying out the activities should register.

Provided for the community by:
First Parish Church in Billerica, Unitarian Universalist
7 Concord Road, Billerica, Mass.
Lisa Jamieson, Director of Religious Exploration


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